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Hadoop Consulting - Hadoop Implementation Services

Reach1to1 offers expert Hadoop consulting services to enable you to enjoy the many benefits of Hadoop for big data applications. Our proven Hadoop consulting service can be coupled with our Hadoop implementation services to get cutting edge technology based, cost efficient big data solutions.

Hadoop is open source framework written in Java. It efficiently process large volumes of data on a cluster of commodity hardware. Data may range from terabytes to petabytes or even zeta-bytes. Hadoop can be setup on single machine, but real power of Hadoop comes with a cluster of machines, it can be scaled from single machine to thousand nodes.

Hadoop consists of two key parts – Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and MapReduce. HDFS is a highly fault tolerant, distributed, reliable, scalable file system for data storage. HDFS is reliable since it can store multiple copies of data on different nodes; a file is split up into blocks (default 64 MB) and stored across multiple machines. MapReduce is a programming paradigm for distributed processing of large data set in parallel over cluster of nodes. MapReduce divides the work in smaller parts, each of which may be executed on a node of the cluster.

Hadoop is used by high volume high performance sites like Yahoo, eBay, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Source: Apache

Hadoop Implementation Services


Hadoop implementation services from Reach1to1 Technologies bring to you the best in class Hadoop solution. You will get high quality, time bound and cost efficient implementation of a cutting edge Hadoop based big data solution.

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