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Mobile Data Capture


MobileSecy is a software application which can be used in any business environment. It captures data sent by SMS and stores it into simple and interactive data sheet (table), which can be accessed by registered users.

With the help of Web Interface , the data can be accessed and various operations can be performed on it, such as – Add, Edit, Delete.

Since the data sheet contains large amount of data , this application has a feature to export your valuable data into Excel (compatible format) which can be used in future.

Organization has different level of hierarchy, this application takes care of it by defining customized level of security and access control to registered users. Also multiple groups with different access control can be maintained to share specific information.


  • Easy to add & update data using SMS – Data can be effortlessly added using SMS from anywhere & an update can be received for the same instantaneously.
  • Captures data in real-time – Being a real-time application, it enable the user to monitor the data as an when required.
  • Maintains security – Security being a very important aspect , this application provides multiple authentication level for each user based on their roles.
  • Sends SMS & Email Alerts – Mobilesecy is an easy-to-use software that allows you to send alerts that are being scheduled to individual users or group of users.
  • Simple & Easy User Interface – Easy to access from anywhere with minimum effort.

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