big data solutions for enterprises

Custom Development

Full range of Big Data Technologies

Reach1to1 has experience in developing custom solutions using the entire range of big data technologies including:

  • Hadoop
  • HBase
  • Solr
  • MongoDB
  • Hive, Pig, Sqoop
  • Redis
  • Neo4J
  • node.js

Architecture Design

Our architects can help

  • understand your requirements and map your needs to the appropriate combination of big data technologies,
  • develop an integration architecture, model the entire flow of data from multiple sources into your big data repository,
  • build special indexes for advanced search capabilities using SQL using Hive, or advanced text search using Lucene or Solr,
  • build graphs to model relationships using Neo4J and graph traversal algorithms.

Development Methodologies

  • For solutions that are based on well defined requirements, we follow conventional project management methodology using a detailed project plan and project tracking
  • For solutions where requirements are continuously evolvingĀ , we are adept at using agile development methodologies .


  • Setting up big data infrastructure
  • Installation and configuration of systems
  • Batch data imports
  • Performance tuning and optimization

Phased development

We can help phase out your investment into big data solutions

  • Proof of Concept – for new applications
  • Integration – for integration of big data technologies into an existing application
  • Application Development – for mature requirements that need high performance under heavy loads
  • Ongoing development and support – for solutions already implemented


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