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Workflow Management

Workflow Management is the basic technology used for managing business processes in an evolving enterprise. Workflow management treats people, resources and tasks as independant entities, and creates a process flow – or logic, that governs the rules of how people perform tasks by utilizing resources. Workflow Management solutions provide a framework for managing such processes and tracking them.

Challenges in scaling up sales

Are you facing these challenges in scaling up your sales process? High cost of sales, low margins Lack of clear product/offer differentiation Complexity in mapping customer requirements to product/offer Long sales cycle with unpredictable outcomes No consistent sales performance, difficult to forecast High level of stress in sales team, high turnover You can make/provide as much as you can sell In short, if scaling up sales is the major bottleneck to scaling up your business, then here are...

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Expense Claims Workflow

Thumbnail for expense workflowCompanies having a team that is distributed across multiple locations, with a centralized accounts department find it cumbersome to process expense claims by employees. This article suggests an expense claim workflow that is best suited for such distributed teams.

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Business Scalability

With the booming Indian economy, every business is looking at scaling up. Here are some perspectives on scaling up businesses.

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How far can web applications go?

Web based applications are becoming more and more capable. What started out as a mere web browser for viewing web pages has now matured into a stable client-side platform that can run Rich Internet Applications – covering the entire spectrum of enterprise applications. How far can this model be extended? Can we extend it to become a “Web Operating System”?

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What can Information Technology do for a Small/Medium Sized Business Enterprise?

Small businesses owners are hard-pressed for managing with scarce resources. How can technology ease their stress levels? Information Technology (IT) is often touted as the magic potion that has solutions for almost any business ailment. But IT is a confusing world of jargon, with incomprehensible abbreviations like ERP, CRM, SFA, SCM, EAI, BPM … and so on. How does a small business owner make sense of all this jargon, and what is a practical approach to adopting IT? This is the first article that begins the series to analyze and answer this question.

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Sales performance tracking in solution-driven enterprises

Sales cycles of solution-driven enterprises tend to be longer and more complex than sales cycles of product-driven enterprises, because they involve more detailed needs analysis and solution design. In such cases, assigning and tracking sales performance, in terms of targets and incentives also becomes more complex. This article discusses this issue and suggests a strategy for assigning and tracking sales targets and incentives for solution-driven enterprises.

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