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Evolving Enterprises

Evolution is a process of continued change. Enterprises that are geared for change in response to market dynamics are well poised to excel in a customer-centric market place. Reach1to1 provides soutions that utilize technology to streamline the business processes of an enterprise that constantly evolve to satisfy changing customer needs.

Employee Engagement – a Towers Perrin study

Towers Perrin is a global professional services firm that helps organizations improve performance through effective people, risk and financial management. Don Lowman, who is Managing Director of the Human Capital Group in Towers Perrin recently wrote on his blog about how he has spent half his life working at Towers Perrin. This is no wonder, for one of the most innovative area of work that Towers Perrin specializes in is Employee Engagement. Their Global Workforce Study (2007-2008) titled...

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CRM does not improve sales performance

Dave Hurlbrink writes how conventional CRM or SFA applications are not designed to serve the needs of a sales person. The value proposition of a “360 degree view of your prospect/customer” is not what the sales person needs to improve his performance. A sales person is already juggling with multiple opportunities in the pipeline that are fighting for attention and that take long to close. What the sales person needs is a way to simplify the information and make it actionable. And he needs to...

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B2B Marketing – a four-point transformation strategy

Laura Ramos – VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research focuses on effective lead management, lead nurturing, sales and marketing integration, the development of targeted messaging and winning value propositions, installed base marketing, and the use of digital media and the Web to build customer engagement. Laura writes about her recently published report that recommends a four-point strategy to B2B marketers to avoid becoming obsolete. She advises against merely increasing marketing...

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Characteristics of Evolving Enterprises

While reviewing the new book The Power to Predict: How Real Time Businesses Anticipate Customer Needs, Create Opportunities, and Beat the Competition by Vivek Ranadive, the CEO of TIBCO, Dennis Howlett highlights some characteristics that evolving enterprises exhibit to become super successful.

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Expense Claims Workflow

Thumbnail for expense workflowCompanies having a team that is distributed across multiple locations, with a centralized accounts department find it cumbersome to process expense claims by employees. This article suggests an expense claim workflow that is best suited for such distributed teams.

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Business Scalability

With the booming Indian economy, every business is looking at scaling up. Here are some perspectives on scaling up businesses.

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