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Reach1to1 is a subsidiary of Accion Labs, Inc. and specializes in big data solutions for capturing, storing, searching and analyzing structured and unstructured data from multiple sources.

Accion Labs is a Pittsburgh headquartered global technology firm specializing in working with technology firms and IT organizations in the emerging technologies such as Web 2.0, SaaS, Cloud, Open-source, BI/DW, Mobility, Automation, DevOps and Big Data.

Our clients include software product firms, e SaaS firms, e-commerce organizations and e-business organizations.

With an engineering headcount of over 600 resources spread over our 10 global offices, Accion engages with its clients in a range of collaborative, white-box engagement models that includes extended teams, turn-key project and professional staffing.

We recognize that depending on your stage of growth and your business model, your needs are different. For start-up and early-stage firms, we assist with pre- and post-funding product development and deployment for both B2B and B2C software firms. This enables us to help our clients lower time-to-market, lower cost-of-delivery and leverage our experience of product life-cycle best-practices – while building a foundation for world class engineering organization. For mid-stage and late stage firms, we offer core product life-cycle services such as new product development, maintenance/support, QA/testing, managed services, re-engineering and others. Besides the product engineering lifecycle, we also offer a range of services for the Professional Services and Product Support organizations.

We offer a range of engagement models such as strategic consulting, value-added staffing, turn-key projects offshore leveraged extended-delivery models and a number of outcome-oriented collaborative development models.

Accion Labs is led by an entrepreneurial management team that believes in execution, outcome, continuous learning and work+life balance.

Accion Labs is venture-funded, privately-held with offices in multiple locations in the US, UK, India, Singapore and Malaysia.

Accion Labs has a skilled team of business analysts, data architects and developers with skills in
  • Providing HDFS storage and MapReduce applications using Hadoop
  • Capturing data from existing databases that provide SQL interfaces using Sqoop
  • Analyzing data in Hadoop with SQL like queries using Hive
  • Providing a cross-language API to build custom applications based on your requirements using Thrift
  • Quickly building map-reduce scripts without having to code them manually using Pig
  • Highly flexible, powerful and fast search in your applications using Solr (or Lucene)
  • Column family based databases including HBase and Amazon SimpleDB
  • Document oriented databases including MongoDB and CouchDB
  • Key-value stores including Redis, Mechached and BerkleyDB
Accion Labs can help you build
  • Web applications that leverage big data technologies
  • Document repositories that can scale infinitely without increasing latency or reducing throughput
  • Analyzing large volume of log files using SQL like queries, without having to build large cumbersome tables
  • A 360 degree view of your customer activity using a combination of online activity and transaction history
Accion Labs has provided big data solutions to clients across the world such as
  • a leading product manufacturer
  • a low-cost international airline
  • an engineering firm that provides state-of-the art solutions in networking and data centers
  • a start-up firm that is building a revolutionary product in online video
  • a large telecom company that required to analyze call center and IVR logs
We look forward hearing from you so to provide a cost effective and quick turnaround solution for your requirements.
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