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SMEs adopting SaaS apps on the Cloud powered by Big Data technologies

Rarely has a new generation of technologies started a sweep to replace the legacy technology as is happening in the software industry today. For nearly all types of enterprise software applications are now made available in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) for a small ongoing fee and without any major upfront costs of infrastructure or licenses. Plus most of these applications are hosted on the cloud, and can be used from any location with just an Internet connection.

Another major advance in technology is big data technologies. These are horizontally scalable databases that can grow into a cluster of low cost servers, thereby making it easy for SaaS providers to scale up their infrastructure as and when required without having to make large infrastructural investments upfront, when number of users and transactions is small.

With faster internet speeds and decades of usage based learning, the average user of software applications has very high service level expectations from software applications ease of use. The increasing use of internet on mobile phones has also brought about the need to revisit application UI design. Even though SaaS applications have been around for over a decade, it is only now that they are adopting better UI that is matching up to the expectations of the Internet savvy users.

All these factors together have made it easy for enterprises to adopt SaaS enterprise applications hosted on the cloud. These solutions make it easier to capture data, give more freedom while structuring it and also make it easier to store and manage data.

Take the case of one such enterprise – NTEP floor scale vendor who adopted a SaaS enterprise software to manage their inventory. This has helped them reduce their inventory turns and has made a significant difference to their delivery time to customers. They are also implementing an e-commerce solution on their website, thereby reducing the cost of sales for new customer acquisition, and increasing convenience for re-ordering of products for existing customers.


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